Benjamin Moore 3500 Colors of the Midwest

Have you wanted to take on that painting project but are in need of some colorful inspiration? Look no further than the Benjamin Moore 3500 Colors of the Midwest Color Palette. This carefully curated collection of colors encompasses everything we love about the Midwest, from the endless green fields to the fresh butter and American cheese straight from the heartland. Let the paint specialists at paintCLE help you capture a bit of the beauty of the Midwest in your very own home.

Neutrals That Are Never Mundane

Neutral hues make fantastic base shades that help create a cohesive design in your home. Contrary to popular belief, neutral colors aren’t restricted to white, black, and beige. Ice Cap 1576 is a sophisticated blue-gray that will look fantastic in formal dining rooms or adult bedrooms. White Down OC-131 creates that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you snuggle up with your favorite feather pillow. It’s an excellent choice for entryways, guest bathrooms, and kitchens. If you like to toe the line between neutral and not, America’s Heartland 197 is the sheerest of yellows reminiscent of the sun shining through fluffy, white clouds. This pale yellow pairs beautifully with light shades of gray to create a crisp, contemporary look.

Kick Back and Relax

Blues and greens have a calming, peaceful presence. Getting outside for even a few minutes can improve your mood and reduce stress. Since going outdoors isn’t always an option, especially in the winter, you can make your home a natural oasis using Benjamin Moore paint. You can practically smell freshly cut grass when you use Prairie Green 2028-30 to paint an accent wall in your living room or create a spa-like experience in your bedroom. Try Lakeside Cabin 1658 or Chicago Blues 804 on the ceiling of a room to emulate the endless blue sky, and add lots of unexpected visual interest. Blue is also versatile and can be paired with bright red for a classic all-American aesthetic or vibrant orange for a more eclectic appearance.

Drama Department

Do you thrive in excitement and love a festive gathering? Exhilarating shades of red and yellow are the perfect complement to a spirited personality. The bright yellow shade of American Cheese 2019-40 is an exquisite touch of faux sunlight in rooms with dark corners or small windows. Cheerful yet soft, Butter 2023-60 will make a guest bedroom feel like a home away from home for visitors. Red is bold but welcoming, and we like to use Caliente AF-290 or King’s Red CW-335 to recreate the friendly demeanor the Midwest is famous for. Red is a perfect color for entryways, living rooms or as an accent in more neutral color schemes.

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