Benjamin Moore Colors for High Ceiling Rooms

Some people prefer large, open spaces while others enjoy a cozier feel. If you have a large room with a high ceiling, you can create any aesthetic you like as long as you choose the right paint colors. The Benjamin Moore paint pros at paintCLE can help you pick the perfect hues to create a space you love.

Open and Airy

Love wide open spaces? You can never go wrong with white when painting a large room. This simple color reflects light to make rooms feel more spacious, especially when you paint the walls and ceilings the same shade. We love Benjamin Moore's Simply White for this aesthetic. If you prefer a little contrast, paint the ceiling one or two shades lighter than the walls.

Add a Touch of Warmth

White tends to turn cool, which can offset the level of coziness you're looking for. An off-white or cream color, like Sugar Cookie or Cream Froth, will still provide the spacious appeal while remaining more intimate.

Create a Little Contrast

You can easily change up the appearance of any size room by creating contrast. We aren't suggesting bold, vivid hues but rather subtle neutrals such as Alphano Beige, Light Pewter, or Nimbus. Make a room appear more expansive by painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls. Painting the ceiling a darker hue than the walls will have the opposite effect. Remember that stark contrast is not the goal; understated simplicity often makes a more significant statement.

Dial Up the Drama

Do you enjoy dramatic design but aren't comfortable taking the plunge and painting the entire room a deep shade? Use that tall ceiling as your creative outlet. Dark grays like Midnight Oil and Midsummer Night or an immersive blue like Hidden Sapphire will add visual interest without casting darkness over the room. Choose a color several shades lighter for the walls to maintain balance in the room.

Other Tips

Once your paint shades are chosen, you may feel lost about how to fill your large space. Large potted plants, the real deal or faux, help to fill some of the vast vertical space. You can also use your sofa and a console table to help create zones within a room. Place your sofa in the middle of the room with a console table behind it for visual stability.

Take Note

As with any surface, ceilings must be thoroughly cleaned before painting. Painting high ceilings requires the right equipment and experience. A small step ladder won't do the trick, and we recommend leaving this job to a professional. We also suggest using a flat finish paint for an even final result.

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