Painting Supplies by Benjamin Moore

If you’re new to the DIY scene, painting a room can be a little intimidating. Using the best quality supplies is a must, including Benjamin Moore paint. The team at PaintCLE has put together a list of the essentials to have on hand before you begin painting your project this Spring.

Painter’s Tape

Proper prep work is vital before beginning any project, and painter’s tape will help you achieve crisp, clean lines that any professional would be proud of. Use tape to section off walls from the molding and baseboards, block window trim, or cover outlets and switchplates. Be sure to clean the surfaces where you will be applying the tape as any dust or debris will cause the tape not to adhere and may lead to message seepage.

Drop Cloths

You will spill some paint. Trust us—you will. A drop cloth will protect any large furniture in the room, the floor, and anything else you don’t intend to paint. And the best part is, once it dries, you can reuse old drop cloths for future projects!


You want a sturdy, metal painter’s tray that is both wide and deep enough to accommodate your roller. Look for a tray with a ribbed roll-off area so you can load paint more evenly.

Tray Liners

Maybe this isn’t an essential item, but it’s a nice to have item! Plastic tray liners make changing colors and cleanup a breeze and help your painter’s tray last longer. You can even recycle most plastic trays as long as you thoroughly rinse the paint off after use. Some even wrap these in plastic to keep their paint from drying out during downtime.

Paint Brush

Most paint jobs will require you to “cut in” or create a straight line of paint around elements such as doors and windows. A 2” angled paintbrush is the best tool for this job, and a longer handle will allow you to have better control over the brush. Never settle for less than the highest quality brushes available. Cheaply made brushes tend to lose bristles that will dry in your paint and are known to leave brush marks.

Roller Frame and Cover

Paint rollers come in several sizes and are perfect for covering large areas of walls and ceilings. We prefer roller covers made of microfiber as they are virtually lint-free. Steer clear of roller marks by not applying too much paint on the roller. You should gently dip your roller in the paint, then roll it  off on the tray. You never want your roller to be dripping with paint.

A Couple Other Things

You can complete your paint job with the items mentioned above, but some additional items can make your job easier. A fresh, white ceiling can make newly painted walls really pop, so you’ll need flat white ceiling paint. Primer is necessary if you are painting over another color or want to conceal any imperfections.

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