Rooms to Prioritize when Painting

Giving every room in your home a fresh coat of paint is no small undertaking. There’s furniture to move, floors to cover, and walls to prep. On top of all that, you need a strategy for which rooms to tackle first because you’ll be unable to access newly painted rooms for a while. Our experts at paintCLE help you prioritize which areas to paint first to help keep your home running smoothly during the process.

Determine Your End Goal

What exactly are you aiming to accomplish? Are you remodeling or getting ready to put your home on the market? Perhaps you want to give the home you love an updated look. Knowing your painting purpose before you start is the first step to proper prioritization.

For example, if you’re getting ready to sell your home, you want to paint the rooms that impact potential buyers most. These rooms include the entryway, living room, and main bedroom. On the other hand, if you’re a weekend warrior gradually working your way through, we suggest starting with spaces that won’t significantly impact your daily life. This usually means guest rooms and bathrooms, and other areas that don’t see much regular use.

Get Started

Painting your master bath and bedroom first is an excellent way to go regardless of why you’re painting. Being able to sleep in your own bed and use your bathroom will help you settle back into your usual routine faster. Not only that, but we don’t know many adults who enjoy camping out in their homes’ living areas for longer than necessary.

The kitchen is also an excellent place to get started because if your kitchen is out of commission, it can throw a wrench into the rest of your day-to-day living. You can’t cook or eat in a freshly painted kitchen, so your only option is takeout food which gets pricey fast. Starting in this room will allow it to be put back into regular operation sooner so you can worry about the rest of your house and not where you’re picking up dinner.

What’s Next?

In our experience, it’s best to take on the living room toward the end of your painting project. Living rooms are typically large spaces with a lot of heavy furniture that must be moved to provide room to paint and protect it from drips. Depending on the size of this room, it can take you more than a day to complete, so consider leaving this room for last.

Other low-priority spaces, like laundry rooms, can also wait until you’re close to finishing up your painting. While these rooms are typically on the smaller side and can be painted quickly, it’s not inconvenient not to have access to this room. Keep your laundry in another area of the house on the day you paint to avoid it from absorbing the smell of paint.

Your result is only as good as the paint you use, and that’s why paintCLE carries Benjamin Moore paint products. AURA® and Regal® Select are excellent options for painters of all skill levels. We have all the tools you need for a professional-looking paint job and are always happy to answer all of your questions. Visit one of our three convenient locations in Willoughby Hills, Shaker Heights, and Medina, OH. We are locally owned and operated and are proud to serve the surrounding areas in OH.