Unique Paint Ideas from Benjamin Moore

Unique paint ideas are a quick, easy way to change your home drastically. The right color combinations can make rooms appear more extensive, and vast areas feel cozier. Colors also have a direct effect on your mood. The team at paintCLE has gathered our favorite ideas to inspire you to reach new design frontiers in your home with premium Benjamin Moore paint.

All the Colors…

…of the rainbow. Despite what you’ve heard about how using too many colors will leave you with an eyesore, hear us out. A rainbow wall is a perfect accent in a children’s bedroom or playroom. You shouldn’t feel restricted to the traditional “Roy G. Biv” color scheme. You can go with a series of warm neutrals, soft pastels, or bright primary shades.

A New Take on Trim

Black is classic yet never dull. You can add a touch of this bold shade without having it overpower your space by using it on the trim in a room. The color provides a remarkable contrast to light-colored walls and creates a new layer of depth.

Freshen Up Your Laundry Room

Laundry is one of those house chores that just never seems to end. Since you spend a lot of time in your laundry room, make it more enjoyable by adding a fun coat of color to the walls or cabinets. Coral Reef and Tuscan Coral are two shades that will brighten up the room without making it too busy.

A Soothing Ceiling

A calming hue on the ceiling can make a room filled with patterns and texture feel more grounded. Shades of green and blue are calming and promote feelings of relaxation and renewal. Try a subtle shade like Pastel Green or Blue Diamond to give the perfect hint of color without adding to the room’s busy vibe.

Liven Up a Door

There’s no rule saying interior doors have to be neutral tones, but most are brown, black, or white. Choose a color that highlights similar tones throughout the room to create a cohesive aesthetic. We love shades of purple these days, and French Lilac and Crocus are two beautiful variations that are pleasant and understated.

Step Up

Staircases are another one of those elements in homes that are often painted in very neutral colors or wood stains. Liven up your stairs by painting the entire staircase in a vibrant shade. Try creating an ombre look up the stairwell if you're feeling particularly crafty. You can use any color you like but in a different shade on each stair. Since you’ll need only a small amount of each color, we suggest purchasing sample sizes for this project.

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