Exterior stains can transform your home or deck, and PaintCLE is known for our high-quality paints, stains, and outstanding customer service. We sell the best brands in the industry, including Benjamin Moore®, INSL-X®, and Lenmar®, so you know that you are only getting the highest caliber of products. Painting and staining can sometimes seem daunting, but we are here to make that process smoother. You can count on our professionals to guide you on your creative journey. From contractors to designers, we have people who are technically skilled to help you with every part of your project. 

 Benjamin Moore Insl-x Lenmar Exterior Stains Best Deck Stain Deck Stain Colors near Cleveland, Ohio (OH)

Benjamin Moore®

Arborcoat® Exterior Paint

Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat® Exterior Stain is the best in the industry. This stain offers superior protection for your surfaces. The quality is top-of-the-line, so you can rely on this stain. No more hassle and worry about the deck peeling before it’s supposed to - this coat is sure to last.

Coronado® Maxum® Stains and Primer

Another incredible exterior stain is Benjamin Moore’s Coronado® Maxum® Stains and Primer. This stain is designed specifically for exterior wood and is considered one of the best deck stains available. It provides a durable solution to all of your outdoor wood needs. This mildew-resistant deck stain enhances the beauty of your exteriors. It penetrates deep, ensuring the stain will last and provide everlasting protection.


Specialty Coatings

INSL-X® has incredible multi-purpose coatings for all occasions and projects, including exteriors. These stains include a large range of stains that are the solution to many of your coating needs. At Paint CLE, we are always ready to help, so call us today with any questions you have about any of our products. 

Floor Coatings

No more peeling or unwanted marks. INSL-X® provides ultra-durability on exterior floors that are sure to impress. When it comes to deck stains, these products get the job done. They resist abrasions and provide a beautiful finish, perfect for patios. It is easy to use and easy to clean up, which makes it a paint product that consistently delivers more than you expect.

Masonry Coatings

Staining your exteriors can get tricky, which is exactly why INSL-X® Masonry Coatings exist. They perform well even on the roughest jobs - concrete, foundations, retaining walls, you name it. These exterior stains are exactly what you are looking for.

Other Exterior Stains

Don’t let your exteriors go unnoticed. It is important when completing landscaping or completing the design of your home that you consider each surface and how to protect it. INSL-X® has such a large variety of products that we know you will love. If you have a project needing to be completed, let our professionals get the perfect products in your hands. From Pool Coatings to Athletic Coatings, we have it all



This exterior stain by Lenmar is one of our highest performing and beautiful products. There are dyes and concentrates that can be produced in 6 different colors, so you are sure to find one that you like. Oftentimes, these stains are combined with sealers or topcoats to add durability and dimension to projects. There is also a glaze that is colorless but can be tinted with other products. 

Aqua-Plastic Waterborne Urethane

This exterior stain is stunning. Once it is cured, the stain starts exhibiting hardness and durability, making it a stunning product to create and an easy one to clean up. It resists abrasion, so it is meant to last. It was created to seal better than any other stain and is water-resistant. 

Ultra-Spec Exterior Acrylic Solid Color Stain

This is a quality stain that has a flat finish. If you need to hide an abrasion, this is the stain for you. It is also specially formulated to resist mildew growth on the stain film, so it will protect your surfaces. Once applied and stained, it doesn’t take long to dry. It wicks away moisture and protects your surfaces. 

Other Lenmar®

The great thing about Paint at CLE is our large array of product options. We have mentioned the main ones, but Lenmar® has more exterior stains that are just as protective as the ones listed. Your decks, pools, and other exterior surfaces will be well protected from any of the exterior stains that we offer. You choose the pigment you want and soon, you will have the exteriors you have always wanted. They are easy to apply and beautiful to the eye. Perfection is a brush away!


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