Why Summer and Fall is the Best Time to Paint

Many people plan to paint their homes over the summer because the weather is pleasant, and it’s the time when most homeowners take time off from work. If you’re starting to panic because you didn’t get to it, and now summer is nearly over, no worries! You still have plenty of time for painting. paintCLE shares why late summer and fall is the season to paint your house.

The Weather is on Your Side

Weather is a significant factor when you’re painting, especially outdoors, but the forecast can affect even interior projects. These are a few ways the weather can affect your painting:

  • Temperature: We all know it’s hot outside in the summer. When the temperature is too high, paint can dry too quickly, resulting in cracks and bubbles on the surface. Temperatures that are too low are also not ideal because cold weather can prevent paint from drying. This is true even if you’re painting indoors, especially if you open the windows for ventilation. The ideal temperature range for painting is between 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Humidity: As the summer comes to a close, the moisture in the air decreases. This is important because paint can only adhere to dry surfaces. High humidity can make walls barely damp enough to ruin your paint job—you may not feel any moisture on the wall, but it’s there. It also tends to rain less often in fall, so you can squeeze in an exterior job before it’s too cold.
  • Less temperature fluctuation: The temperature can change drastically between day and night in winter and spring. This can mean it’s too hot when you begin painting and too cold when it’s time for it to dry—or vise versa. Late summer and fall offers more consistent temperatures.

The Holidays Are Coming

Yep, we said it. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it, so now is the perfect time to spruce your house up for guests. The living room, dining room, and guest bedrooms are essential. If you’ve set an ambitious goal to repaint the entire interior of your home, it’s necessary to know how to prioritize which rooms to paint first.

Professionals Have More Time

Many painting contractors experience a lull in business once the summer rush ends. That means you can find a professional to paint your home immediately instead of waiting days or weeks. Many contractors also reduce their prices as business slows. That means you’ll have more money available for the holidays (which are right around the corner…).

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